How to secure your system?

If you are looking for secure your system against virus then we would like to tell you that Avast antivirus is the best antivirus for you because Avast is a trustworthy antivirus brand and various people believe its services and also use & lots of quality like high protection, customer friendly tech support etc.
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Get Instant Technical Support by Avast technical Professionals

We are well reputed third party Avast technical support organization, we have good & well technical experience expert who is always ready will help you to resolve your any avast technical issue that is not to do your work properly and efficiently so whenever you and your near & dear once getting any technical problem then our Avast tech support number is open 24*7 for your help, just dial our toll free and get in touch with our technicians.

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How to uninstall Avast antivirus using command prompt?

When you were trying to uninstall Avast antivirus on your system and somehow, is unable to perform it properly then it is required by you to go through stuff written below. Due to increasing popularity, people are downloading it on their computer to restrict malware to enter their computer system. But when they are trying to uninstall it for one or another reason by command prompt they are lacking somewhere, now you will easily do it by reading set of steps written below:-

  • Unlock the option of “start menu”.
  • Choose “All programs”.
  • Press “Accessories” and then, select “Command prompt”.
  • Type wmic when command prompt come over window screen and then, press enter option.
  • Type command saying “product get name” and the press “enter”. This will show list of applications available on your computer with their complete names.
  • Type “product where name= “ “ call uninstall and then end whole scenario by pressing “enter” option.
  • For confirming un-installation procedure you need to type Y.

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Once you have gone through the listed steps, you can easily uninstall Avast antivirus available on your system. If you face any kind of problems, it is required to give call on specified Avast contact support number. There are various reputed and certified technical service providers who are available round the clock to serve all your unexpected issues. You can also count our unit for serving issues related to this antivirus. Whatever your issues are, they will be best served at our supporting units which are open all the time to serve your errors. Our professional will left no solution to turn your bad situation into good ones. In order to grasp quality solutions from is, you need to make  a call on Avast antivirus technical support helpline phone number.

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1-877-523-3678, avast! Mobile Security makes another user happy!

We got extremely happy and satisfied when our work helps the others. Some days ago, avast! Mobile Security made an user happy. Antonio Fagner Ramos lost his phone and could get it back later. Working in technical support at a security company, we face problems every day: viruses attacks, personal data stolen, data and financial losts. With the mobile technology taking more and more space nowadays, to lose our mobile could be a headache: personal data, time, money, phone plan suspension, change the passwords saved in the local browser…

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When we face a successful story like this one, it makes our day, it makes us happy and gives motivation to our work. Let’s give the word to our hero Antonio.

1. Fagner, how did you get in contact with avast! at the first time?

When I start in computer technology world, I always liked the computer most and, because of this, I’ve used a lot of protection and security tools, lots of free antivirus and always got
troubles. I finally found avast! in a download site, one of these respected and well known sites. I’ve installed the avast! Free Antivirus in my desktop and the first thing that got my attention was the interface and the voice of the lady saying my avast! got updated… Since then, I’ve got no more issues with virus, spyware and things like that, and each time I format my disk I quickly install avast! again.

2. Can you tell us your experience of losing your phone?

Depressing… I’ve bought my phone two months ago, a LG Optimus. Like any other Brazilian, I’ve payed in easy installments. I used it not only to make calls, but also for a lot of things. My work demands GPS and remote connection, because I work outside, giving software support to the others. So, I’ve got depressed… I’ve gave the phone myself and I’m not that kind of guy that buys many things for myself easily, because I think more in my own family.

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5 tips to keep your Mac secure

Apple’s ‘cloak of invulnerability’ has lately been shredded by the MacDefender fake antivirus and the Pinhead and Boonana Trojans. Don’t worry, be proactive. Here are five tips to make your Mac more secure:

Avast security

1. Don’t use ‘automatic login’

It’s cool to turn your computer on and instantly use it. But troubles can start when a computer is turned on by someone other than its owner… If you are concerned about your sensitive data, you can encrypt or simply disable the ‘automatic login’ function. Here’s how to do it:

1) Go to System Preferences > Security

2) Authenticate yourself by clicking Click the lock to make changes

3) Check Disable automatic login

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2. Don’t allow the normal user to be the computer administer

Running as a normal user is the sensible thing to do on any operating system, OS X included.

1) Go to System Preferences > Accounts

2) Authenticate yourself by clicking Click the lock to make changes

3) Uncheck Allow user to administer this computer

3. Enable password protection for exiting screen saver and waking up the computer

1) Go to System Preferences > Security

2) Check Require password (…) and set the time period

4. Teach Safari to be more secure

Not all “safe” files are really safe. When Safari automatically downloads a file and unpacks it, it can serve the user almost anything.

1) Start Safari

2) In the Safari menu, click Preferences (or press ⌘,)

3) Uncheck Open “safe” files after downloading

5. Use antivirus.  Download one here. 😉

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Get High Protection By Avast Antivirus

Avast software is the organization giving world class security software to PC clients. Avast is a standout amongst the most requested antivirus software over the world which gives security to our PC. It keeps gatecrashers from going into our PC and abstains from taking of information and imperative data accessible on the PC. It likewise shields PC from various infection, malware, adware and Trojans which originates from web. Thus, if your PC is moderate and it is not working legitimately, you might be casualty of infections. Regardless of you have antivirus on your PC, in the event that you got contaminated that implies it has quit working because of some reason. It should be adjusted soon or else it might hamper your efficiency avast technical support phone number.

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In the event that you need any sort of support for Avast hostile to infection, you might contact our Avast Antivirus customer service phone number for help. Our group is exceptionally provoke in determining any issues with Avast. In the event that your Avast web security has gotten to be degenerate and not working legitimately, it should be uprooted by Avast evacuation instrument and to be reinstalled. Our technicians will recommend you best arrangement.